Megan Montero
feng shui consultant and healer


What is Plant Spirit Medicine?

  • Are you feeling stuck in a relationship? Your career?
  • Are you searching for more meaning and fulfillment in your life?
  • Does it feel like life is passing you by?
  • Have you lost touch with your joy?
  • The plant spirits are waiting to help you!

Plant Spirit Medicine (PSM), as taught by Eliot Cowan, is a hands-on form of spiritual healing. Instead of using the physical plant to treat physical symptoms, Plant Spirit Medicine calls on the spirits of plants to heal the spirits of people. Synthesizing Chinese Five Element medicine with indigenous wisdom for communicating with the spirits of plants, PSM combines ancient modalities to effectively address contemporary concerns.

Imbalances of the spirit are at the root of most of our contemporary imbalances in life, contributing to all kinds of distress and disease. To heal these imbalances at the root, spiritual means are needed. This then can benefit the whole person—body, mind and spirit.

The plant spirits bring joy and sparkle back to life by reconnecting us to the dream of nature. This can often result in profound healing of many kinds.

What Does Plant Spirit Medicine Look Like?

Megan Montero

Plant Spirit Medicine sessions take place at my office by the Ocean in Santa Cruz. The process begins with an initial intake that takes 90 to 150 minutes (which can be done in two sessions) During the intake I will listen deeply to your concerns, your health and emotional history, and I will do a diagnostic physical exam based on the Chinese Five Element perspective. Clients find the intake to be very therapeutic. From this intake assessment, I will come up with a treatment plan specifically for you.


  • In our sessions, I determine which plants to call on to help you. Then I ask the spirits of the plants to come through my hands. No substances are given, the healing energy of the plant spirits is transmitted energetically through my hands to you.
  • Plant Spirit Medicine treatments begin once a week or every other week, based on my evaluation. It is common to receive one treatment a week for 6-10 weeks. As wellness deepens, the treatments will get farther apart, each treatment building on the one before. The first session typically lasts 90 minutes and subsequent sessions last 30 minutes to an hour.
  • During your session I will work with the plant spirits to remove energy blockages and imbalances and to nourish your spirit. In order to benefit the most from this healing work, Plant Spirit Medicine begins with a series of 10 treatments.

Plant Spirit Medicine SessionLike in gardening, during Plant Spirit Medicine treatments weeds are pulled, the soil is prepared and seeds are planted. The seeds are then tended to by the nourishment of the elements and the care of the gardener. This process takes time but results are deep, steady and profound. By bringing the laws of nature back into balance and harmony inside you, with help from the plant spirits, we will get your life flowing again.


    Plant Spirit Medicine Initial Intake: $250

    Plant Spirit Medicine Treatments: $100

    Offered at Megan's healing office in Santa Cruz.


    “I have been receiving PSM for about a year now, and it has been an incredible support to my daily life and how I face any emotions or challenges that come up for me. Every session that I have is a sacred time to reveal myself to ‘them.’ I leave my PSM session every time feeling very grateful and that I was in a safe place with Megan, and I feel as though a ton of weight has been lifted off of me. Many of my personal issues that I have brought forth have been in regards to my relationship with my partner. After having a PSM treatment, I have found that the plants help him too. We often end up having much clearer communication, and he tends to understand me more.” Luna Suniga


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    You can also find out more about PSM by reading Eliot Cowan’s book, Plant Spirit Medicine, a beautiful book of stories about the human spirit and our relationship to Nature.  You can also learn more about PSM here.

    I graduated from Eliot Cowan's Training Course in 2008 and was recognized by the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing as a Plant Spirit Medicine Lay Spiritual Healer in 2011. I am a professional member of the Plant Spirit Medicine Association and continue my ongoing studies with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek by attending clinical trainings.