Megan Montero
healer and feng shui consultant


What Are the Benefits of Clutter Clearing?

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Clearing the clutter in your home will:

  • Save you time & money
  • Give you energy 
  • Eliminate feelings of overwhelm & reduce stress
  • Bring positive changes & peace of mind
  • Restore harmony to your home and life

The more cluttered your space gets, the more cluttered your mind will be. Your home is a mirror of your life. Clutter and disorganization can have a profound effect on your:

  • Health & well being
  • Prosperity & success
  • Relationships & creativity
  • Ability to make decisions & follow through

    Clutter will block the energy flow in your house, inhibiting positive energy flow in your life. You may already feel stuck and overwhelmed about how to get started. I am happy to help you!

    Who can Benefit from Clutter Clearing? Everyone!

    You will benefit from clutter clearing if you have so many things you can hardly walk in your space and you have difficulty finding things. You will benefit even if you can easily move in your house and know where everything is but your closets and drawers have gotten overstuffed from accumulating an excess over the years.

    • Does your space look serene and tidy until you open the closets?
    • Has your love for clothes and shopping gone out of control, making it difficult to decide what to wear?
    • Is your family growing but your house is not?
    • Are your papers driving you crazy?
    • Are you getting ready to move but don't want to take everything with you?

    Unless you declutter thoroughly on a regular basis, clutter will naturally accumulate. Lightening your load to an amount where all your belongings either make you happy, bring you comfort or serve a useful function, will bring a burst of positive energy into your life. It will be easier to make decisions, stay organized, be successful and live the life of your dreams.

    I look forward to helping you weed through the chaos so you can discover joy, find peace of mind and restore harmony to your home and life.