Megan Montero
healer and feng shui consultant


Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies

Site purification, space clearing and blessing ceremonies bring the balance and harmony between humans, the land, the building and the unseen realms.  Site purification and space clearing are beneficial for many situations including; divorce, bankruptcy, a death, robbery, illness, moving to a new location. Blessing ceremonies may be used when breaking ground, starting a new business, remodeling or moving. I can teach you space clearing or do this for you.  I will let you know at the time of our Feng Shui consultation if this work would be beneficial for your situation.  Feng Shui as taught by Grandmaster Lin Yun offers a lineage of space clearing and blessing ceremonies that are very effective.

Local Appointments: $125-$175/ hour
Out of Town Appointments: $150-$175/ hour plus travel time

Red Envelopes: In addition to the consultation fee I will ask for 27 red envelopes, each filled with $1 or more. When you schedule your appointment I will give you detailed instructions about the Red Envelope Ritual and how it is a powerful and important aspect of your feng shui consultation.

Payment is due at the end of each session via cash, check or credit cards.