Megan Montero
Healer and Feng Shui Consultant


My Story

Life has led me gently but firmly down a path of deepening my connection with the living world of Nature so I can help others heal and find purpose.

Art And Beauty

Ever since I was very young, I loved making art and making things beautiful. It started with painting, then ceramics and much later with mosaics. In 1996, after receiving a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in college, I moved to California to be a ceramics assistant at the Mendocino Arts Center and stayed on as an artist-in-residence.

I fell in love with California but also began to have serious health problems. However, my health condition had hidden gifts:  It led me to the holistic healing arts and to discover my passion for working with people and Nature.

Healing Arts And Working With Nature

While I was living in Arcata, California, I began studying and training to be a professional herbalist. One day, my herbal studies teacher recommended Eliot Cowan’s book Plant Spirit Medicine. This book changed my life.

Reading the book touched me deeply. I felt a strong feeling of connection which I had been desperately longing for. But it wasn't until many years later that I was able to deepen my relationship with the plant spirits and take this feeling of connection a step further.

In the meantime, I discovered the ancient art of Feng Shui.

How I Came To Feng Shui

I first heard about Feng Shui in 2000 when my tai chi teacher handed me a flyer for a workshop and said, “Meg, you really need to check this out.” I had never heard about feng shui but was already very interested in the Chinese system of chi through my practice of chi gong and tai chi and from my study of Chinese herbs.

Learning about Feng Shui for the first time, a lightbulb went on; all those years of rearranging my furniture and trying to create order in my life finally started to make sense. In that moment I knew that becoming a Feng Shui consultant was my dream job.

I committed to training with teachers, in 2003, so I could learn how to practice as a Feng Shui consultant and help others. I’ve been blessed to have completed extensive Feng Shui training with several renowned teachers: Francine Tuft Peterson, Carol Bridges and Jetsun Ma Master Teacher Ho Lynn. All of my teachers were long time students of Grandmaster Lin Yun before his passing.

From Feng Shui To Healing with Plant Spirits

At the beginning of my Feng Shui training, I applied Feng Shui to my own home for the first time. This created profound movement in my life. For some time, I had felt a calling to move away from Arcata, but I didn’t know where to move.

Shortly after the Feng Shui, Asheville, North Carolina kept ‘popping up’ as the place to move. I credit aligning my home with Feng Shui for leading me to Asheville. This move proved to be significant in leading me to experience Plant Spirit Medicine which had been a dream of mine ever since I read the book.

When I moved to Asheville, I had no idea that Asheville was a hub of Plant Spirit Medicine Healers. I was finally able to receive Plant Spirit Medicine treatments. Treatments led me to working directly with Eliot Cowan. The deep healing and connections I received would change the course of my life in a way I could never have imagined.

This was the purpose, the deeper meaning behind the move to Asheville. Just after making these new and transformative connections, I moved back to California but this time to Santa Cruz, my true home.

Shortly after my return, I began the Plant Spirit Medicine Healer Training Course with Eliot Cowan and Alison Gayek. I graduated in April 2008 and started practicing Plant Spirit Medicine.

Working With Weather 

A series of unusual life experiences and an unusual dream led me to seek a spiritual divination in the highlands of central Mexico in 2006 that revealed I had a calling to be a Quiatlzques (bringer of water) also called a Granicera (one who works with hail and storms) in the Nahua indigenous tradition of Mexico. In 2007, I was initiated into this tradition in Nepopualco, Mexico by Don David Wiley, the successor to the late Don Lucio Campos Elizalde who was a well known Nahua Granicero and healer. Twice a year I return to south-central Mexico, to continue my training and ritual experience as a Quiatlzques.

Being called by the Weather Spirits to this ancient and time-honored path involves a special and well-understood relationship with them as the Wind, Clouds, Lightning, Sun and Rain. This work involves a lifetime of devotion and service to the Weather Beings, including a commitment to helping people build relationships with these divine forces of Nature. As part of this work, I offer seasonal community weather ceremonies in Santa Cruz and in Santa Monica. Being a part of this ancient living tradition has been a huge blessing in my life.

In May 2013, I began training with Don David Wiley in traditional Nahua Medicine, an aspect of my Quiatlzques path. I’m looking forward to seeing how this work in traditional Nahua healing unfolds over time and hope to be able to offer this healing work some day.