Megan Montero
Feng Shui Consultant and Healer


Remote Feng Shui Consultations

How does a Remote Feng Shui Consultation work?

I can work with you long-distance, anywhere in the world over the phone or Skype. There's a lot I can learn about your home simply by looking at the floorpan and photos or videos of your space. The floorpan of your building gives me a clear picture of the Feng Shui. Click here to learn more about the beneficial results of a Feng Shui consultation.

Before our consultation you'll receive…

  • instructions to prepare a floor plan
  • details about sending photos or videos of your home
  • preliminary questions to answer
  • I’ll study all of these things thoroughly in advance of our appointment.

During our consultation…

  • First, we’ll discuss the things you’d like help with. This could be things about your home or challenges in your life. What are you looking for help with?
  • Our session may focus on a variety of things: finances, prosperity, career, relationships, health, feeling comfortable in your home, and many others.
  • I’ll give you my Feng Shui recommendations keeping in mind your goals, tastes and values and work with you to find solutions that inspire you.

My recommendations may include things like:

  • furniture placement
  • decluttering
  • adding light, color, mirrors, plants, crystals, water or windchimes
  • space clearing and blessing ceremonies
  • prayers and intention
  • and many others…

"After just one phone consultation with Megan about my three bedroom house, I made 70% of the changes she suggested. I immediately started feeling more focused, motivated and energized. I am exercising, eating better and getting more done. I love what has happened and credit Megan with her insightful, gentle guidance.  Thank you, Megan.” -Jennifer Crebbin, Nevada City, CA

Call me today at 831-588-5424 for a complimentary 15-minute phone session to explore the changes you'd like to make in your home and life. I look forward to speaking with you.