Megan Montero
healer and feng shui consultant


Long-Distance Feng Shui Consultations

How can you help me feng shui my space at a distance?

Long-distance feng shui consultations are conducted via phone or Skype. I provide you with a detailed feng shui analysis by looking at your floor plan and photos of your living or work space.

Our work begins with me listening to you speak about your space, your relationship with your home, your life concerns and goals. This gives me a clear picture of how your home is affecting you and what changes can be made to promote harmony.

Long-distance feng shui consultations are available for any space you call home: a studio, apartment, small or large house, condo, rental or a single room in a house. I can also work with your office space, commercial location or empty lot.

How It Works

  • To begin our work, I provide you with instructions to prepare a detailed floor plan and photos of your space for me. In addition, I will ask you to answer some preliminary questions via email. I will study all of these and begin my assessment before our session.
  • In our session, we will discuss specific issues in your home and life that you would like help with. Our appointment may focus on many different things, according to your priorities: finances, career, relationships, health, and overall harmony and balance are some of the many areas feng shui addresses. We may also discuss furniture placement, space clearing, and color and design choices.  
  • I give you my recommendations for feng shui adjustments, helping you to create a living space that supports your goals, tastes and values. Working together, I will help you get your life flowing again.


Initial Consultation: Sliding Scale $250-$350 (2 hours)
Follow Up Consultations: Sliding Scale $125-$175/hour billed in 15 min increments.  

Red Envelopes: In addition to the consultation fee I will ask for 9-27 red envelopes, each filled with $1 or more. When you schedule your appointment I will give you detailed instructions about the Red Envelope Ritual and how it is a powerful and important aspect of your feng shui consultation.

Feedback from Megan's Long-Distance Feng Shui Clients

“Megan has done feng shui for me on two places, it’s too soon to say about the place I’m in now, but my last place I had a significant upturn in my work/money life and I met my sweetheart, I had good creative inspiration there, and I felt great in my home and others loved it too.  I highly recommend Megan’s feng shui work. It’s very deep, rooted in tradition, and helpful.”

– Maxima Kahn, Grass Valley, CA

"After just one phone consultation with Megan about my three bedroom house, I made 70% of the changes she suggested. I immediately started feeling more focused, motivated and energized. I am exercising, eating better and getting more done. I love what has happened and credit Megan with her insightful, gentle guidance.  Thank you, Megan.”

-Jennifer Crebbin, Nevada City, CA