Megan Montero
feng shui consultant and healer


Feng Shui Consultations

Would you like to feel balance restored and the flow of your life moving in a healthy way?

If you feel stuck or blocked in any way, look to your house to open the flow in your life.

Your body responds to the buildings where you live and work which can profoundly influence the quality of your life. Following the ancient tradition of Feng Shui we find the balance between you and your living space. You will feel more grounded and at ease in your home and life.


People I’ve worked with have experienced:

*growth in income and career opportunities

*better quality sleep

*feeling more calm and peaceful

*improved health and keeping healthy habits

*new love relationships and improved family relations

*increased happiness

*going from avoiding their home because it was so uncomfortable to be there, to their home and land feeling so good they didn’t want to leave

*feeling a weight was lifted off of them 

We make small changes to your living space to support the highest good and wellbeing of your body, mind and spirit. Your Feng Shui adjustments become a strong foundation for success, positive change and connection.

There are a variety of things we might do to adjust the energy flow of your space to positively influence your life:

  • furniture placement
  • decluttering
  • adding light, color, mirrors, plants, crystals, water
  • space clearing and blessing ceremonies
  • prayers and intention
  • and many others…

I can help you with:

  • any space you call home: a studio, apartment, house, condo, or a single room in a house
  • your office space, commercial location or empty lot

I can work with you in-person at your location or anywhere in the world by phone or Skype.

We work together to clear the blocks in your home and life, promoting the harmonious flow of energy which brings positive changes to many areas of your life.

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Feng Shui Consultations for Your Home

You’re unique and so is your home. I listen deeply to you and your environment to find the solutions that fit your unique situation and will support you in fulfilling your goals.

What do we actually do in a Feng Shui Consultation?                                                                 






*In advance I send you a pre-consultation packet to help you get clear on your priorities. You are also welcome to send me a floorpan in advance so I can begin my pre-evaluation.

*We will discuss the specific issues in your home and life that you would like help with. What life or home areas do you find most challenging?

*Our session may focus on many different things, according to your priorities: finances, career, relationships, health, and overall harmony and balance are some of the many areas feng shui addresses. We may also discuss furniture placement, space clearing, decluttering and color and design choices.

*I walk through your home and sometimes your property, and after making my evaluation we walk through together.

*I give you recommendations for feng shui adjustments, working closely with you to create a living space that supports your goals, tastes and values.


Do you offer Feng Shui Consultations outside of Santa Cruz?




Yes! I offer in-person feng shui consultations in: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Monterey, Salinas, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Half Moon Bay, Los Gatos, San Jose, Palo Alto, Mountain View, Cupertino and the surrounding areas. 

Can you help me if I live out of your area?

Yes! I offer remote feng shui consultations via phone or Skype. Learn more here about remote feng shui.

Prices vary by your location. Contact me today for a quote 831-588-5424.

Click Here to contact me today for a FREE 20-minute phone session to explore the changes you’d like to make in your home and life. 

Feng Shui for Your Workspace or Business Location

Whether your have a large commercial enterprise or a small one-person office, I will give you recommendations to support the success and growth of your business.

Feng Shui for Real Estate

When you plan to sell your home, apply feng shui principles to give your home or business the edge it needs to attract the perfect buyer and help the process of selling run smoothly. When you’re looking to purchase or rent a house or business location I can help you choose the most auspicious place to support the life you desire.

Feng Shui for Your Remodel

Are you considering a remodel? Remodeling disrupts the energy of a building which overtime can influence the balance in your life. I can work with you so that the remodel goes smoothly. Remodeling is also the perfect time to incorporate feng shui. I can work with you before you begin your design or go over your existing design plans to incorporate feng shui into your remodel.

Color Consultations

Would you like to paint a room or your whole house? I help you make choices and find the right color combinations. Drawing on my eye for beauty and color, feng shui, intuition and your personal style, I’ll help you find colors that will make you love being in your home.

Space Clearing & Blessing Ceremonies

Cleanse the unseen energy of your space and property so your life isn't entangled with the energy and karma of previous occupants. With a space clearing ceremony or blessing ceremony you can create a fresh start and support any life transition. Click here to learn more about Space Clearing and Blessings Ceremonies for your home, business or property.

Click Here to contact me today for a FREE 20-minute phone session to explore the changes you’d like to make in your home and life.