Megan Montero
healer and feng shui consultant


Feng Shui Consultations

With feng shui we tap into the natural flow of the universe to encourage harmony, prosperity and good health. The intention is to make changes to your living space, so that the space will support the highest good and wellbeing of your body, mind, spirit.

Feng shui consultations are available for any space you call home: a studio, apartment, house, condo, or a single room in a house. I can also work with your office space, commercial location or empty lot.

You and I will work together to clear the blocks in your home and life, promoting the harmonious flow of energy which brings positive changes to many areas of life.

Feng Shui Consultations for Your Home

Our work begins with me listening to you speak about your space, your relationship with your home or office, your life concerns and goals. What are the areas of your life that you find most challenging? What are your goals, intentions and dreams? This gives me a clear picture of how your living space is affecting you. Then I look to your space to see what changes can be made to promote harmony and blessings.

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How It Works

  • In our session, we will discuss specific issues in your home and life that you would like help with. Our appointment may focus on many different things, according to your priorities: finances, career, relationships, health, and overall harmony and balance are some of the many areas feng shui addresses. We may also discuss furniture placement, space clearing, decluttering and color and design choices. 
  • I give you my recommendations for feng shui adjustments, working closely with you to create a living space that supports your goals, tastes and values. I will help you get your life flowing again.


Initial Phone Consultation - The first 20 minutes is complimentary

Initial Consultation: Sliding scale $250-$350 (2 hours) or $188-$263 (90 minutes) if you live in a studio.
Follow Up Consultation: Sliding scale $125-$175/hour (1 hour minimum)
Out of Town Consultation: Sliding scale $250-$350 (2 hours) plus travel fee

Red Envelopes: In addition to the consultation fee I will ask for 9-27 red envelopes, each filled with $1 or more. When you schedule your appointment I will give you detailed instructions about the Red Envelope Ritual and how it is a powerful and important aspect of your feng shui consultation.

Payment is due at the end of each session via cash, check or credit cards.

Do you offer feng shui consultations outside of Santa Cruz?

Yes! I offer feng shui consultations in: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Half Moon Bay, San Jose and the surrounding area. I'm also available remotely via phone or Skype.

Click here to learn about Long-Distance Feng Shui Consultations with Megan.

Other Feng Shui Services

Workspace or Business Location- In a Feng Shui Consultation at your workspace or business location, I will give you recommendations to support the success and growth of your business. From a large commercial enterprise to a small one-person office.

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Remodeling- Remodeling can be disruptive to the energy of your space. I can work with you before you begin your design or go over your existing design plans to incorporate feng shui into your remodel.

Real Estate- When selling your home, applying feng shui with this intention will give your home the edge it needs to attract the right buyer and help the process of selling run smoothly. When you are looking to purchase or rent a house or business location I can help you choose the place that will be the best match for the life you desire.

Color Consultations-Would you like to paint a room or your whole house?  Do you need help making choices finding the right combination of colors that you’ll love and will create a pleasing living environment? Painting is an easy way to enhance your living space and feng shui has a lot offer when it comes to color. With my background in the Fine Arts and feng shui I can help you choose the colors that will enhance the harmonious flow of energy in your home.