Megan Montero
feng shui consultant and healer


Clutter Clearing & Home Organizing

Overwhelmed by your stuff?

Frustrated by the chaos?

Weighed down by your things?

Are you longing for a peaceful, serene, clutter-free home?

I'll help you find relief from the stress of trying to declutter and organize alone.


I’ll help you…

  • clear your clutter and organize your home so your space feels peaceful and relaxing.

  • let go of the things that no longer bring you happiness, opening the flow to invite more of what you desire in life.

  • create simple ways to store your things where you can find them and display the things you love.

  • create a home that is a reflection of you and feels great to live in.

You’ll feel a burst of new energy in your life!

How do we do this?

  • To begin, you'll tell me about your relationship with your space and with your things. We'll talk about your life concerns and goals. 

  • You'll show me around your house and I'll take a look at the places where you keep your belongings.
  • I’ll teach you how to declutter and guide you through a step-by-step process. We'll begin sorting through your things together. You'll feel supported through both the emotional and practical aspects of decluttering. 

  • Our session includes a feng shui clutter evaluation and feng shui decluttering tips. I read the mirror of you home so you understand how the placement of your things affect your life. You'll feel empowered to make positive changes.

  • After decluttering, I'll guide you in storing your things and with furniture placement.

My clutter coaching is holistic and heart-centered. I guide you in creating a living space that supports your personal goals, tastes and values. You'll end up feeling comfortable at home and loving your space. Your new space will increase your happiness and success in life.

"I just have to say how incredibly helpful and powerful our clutter clearing session was! I am tremendously grateful for your support and good ideas. I feel very energized and excited about continuing. Thank you so much for all you bring to this journey for me. It feels very important, and life enhancing."

-A.B., Santa Cruz, CA

How many sessions do you recommend?

I recommend three three-hour sessions spaced every other week to get you started. After decluttering, I recommend having a feng shui consultation and a space clearing.

Can you teach me how to declutter my space on my own?

Yes! I can teach you how to clear your clutter on your own and can give you my feng shui clutter evaluation.

I'm a busy person, can you do the work for me?

No. I teach and empower my clients to make conscious decisions for themselves about what to keep and what to let go of.

Do you offer Clutter Clearing & Home Organizing consultations outside of Santa Cruz?

Yes! I offer consultations in: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Half Moon Bay, San Jose, Los Gatos and the surrounding area.

I live out of your area, can you help me remotely?

Yes! I can work with you anywhere in the world over the phone or on Skype. Click here to learn more about remote clutter coaching and home organizing.

How much do you charge?

Prices vary by your location, please contact me for a quote.


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