Megan Montero
healer and feng shui consultant


Clutter Clearing & Home Organizing

Are you overwhelmed by your belongings?

Do you feel weighed down by things you no longer want or need?

Are you frustrated by disorganization and too much stuff?

Do you long for a beautiful, inviting, clutter-free home?

Then, it’s time to clear your clutter and create a home you love!

I will help you…

  • Clear your clutter and organize your home, so your life sings with beauty and harmony.
  • Let go of those things that no longer make you happy, opening space and flow to invite more of what you desire in your life.
  • Create simple systems to store things easily where you can find them, display the objects you love, and create the home that feels great to you.
  • Create a home that is a beautiful reflection of you, that inspires you and feels so good to live in.

And best of all, you’ll feel your life flowing with new energy and vibrancy.

Eliminate the overwhelm and stress that comes with trying to figure out how to declutter and organize alone!

Sign up for clutter coaching and home organizing today!

How it Works

  • Our work begins with me listening to you speak about your space, your relationship with your belongings, your life concerns and goals. This gives me a clear picture of how to guide you through the transformative and healing process of clearing your clutter and organizing your home.
  • We will take a tour around your house and you can show me your space and belongings.
  • I coach you to declutter your belongings, guiding you through a step-by-step process tailored to your unique situation. I support you through both the emotional and practical aspects of decluttering, so the process feels clear and attainable.
  • I teach you the basics of decluttering, sorting and categorizing, as we sort through your belongings together. During our follow up sessions we continue the process of sorting and decluttering.
  • Our session includes a feng shui clutter evaluation and feng shui decluttering tips. I read the mirror of you home and explain how the placement of your belongings is affecting your life.
  • After decluttering is complete, I guide you in creating organized storage systems for your belongings in addition to furniture placement.
  • My clutter coaching is holistic and heart-centered. I support you to create a living space that supports your personal goals, tastes and values. Working together I will help you get your life flowing again.


    Two-hour session: $200
    Three-hour session: $300
    Out of Town session: $100/hour (2 hour minimum) plus travel time
    One-hour session via Phone or Skype: $100
    Series of three sessions via Phone of Skype: $270

    Click Here to learn more about Long-Distance Clutter Coaching

    Payment is due at the end of each session via cash, check or credit card

    How many sessions do you recommend?

    I highly recommend three two-hour sessions spaced every other week to get your started, followed by a feng shui consultation and space clearing.

    Can You Teach Me How To Do This On My Own?

    Yes! In a two-hour session I will give you my feng shui clutter evaluation and instructions on how to effectively clear your clutter on your own.

    Do you offer Clutter Clearing & Home Organizing consultations outside of Santa Cruz?

    Yes! I offer Clutter Clearing & Home Organizing consultations in: Santa Cruz, Capitola, Aptos, Scotts Valley, Watsonville, Monterey, Carmel, Pacific Grove, Half Moon Bay, San Jose and the surrounding area. I'm also available remotely via phone or Skype.

    Feedback from Megan's Clutter Coaching & Home Organizing Clients

    "I realized that I needed help organizing my home after we purchased a new home with a 6 month old. Fast forward three years later and I still had not fully unpacked, and my home was creating feelings of helplessness and chaos. Megan was incredible in helping me organize and de-clutter my home. As a clothes hoarder, the initial session was challenging but Megan was understanding yet firm in helping me realize what was no longer having a positive impact on my life. She encouraged me when I needed it and held me accountable, enabling me to eliminate many items that I do not miss. She utilized a fresh and unique approach that made me realize what I needed to accomplish and how this process would help me achieve the states necessary to move forward in so many areas of my life! In fact, I received a career opportunity just weeks after our sessions, which was one area of my life that I was focusing on. Overall, she was also very insightful in her approach to organization, and gave me some key suggestions which really transformed my office and bedroom especially. Now I feel serene and grounded in my home which is an amazing transformation! I would not hesitate to recommend Megan!”

    -Ky Carnell Russell, Felton, CA