Harmony with Winter's Water Wisdom January 28, 2017


Are you enjoying the cozy, inward, dreamtime energy of winter?  

It’s a good time of year to slow down and get more rest so you can recharge your batteries. In the Chinese Five Element system of chi, winter is the season associated with the energy of water. Where would we be without this life-sustaining fluid? 

In California we've been blessed this year with an abundance of rain. We have a dry season and a wet season and in Santa Cruz, December, January and February are the months we receive the most rain. Some parts of California are just coming out of many years of the drought, while others have a ways to go. In all cases it will take time to recover. 

We needed a reminder of how precious rain and water is. Our life-force energy is also precious. 

Water energy has many associations: wintertime, the deep sleep that restores us, movement, stillness and many others. In Feng Shui water is also associated with our life path and the career of our deep heart. Is your life path flowing smoothly? Is your work in alignment with your heart?

In Plant Spirit Medicine we look to the emotional side of water and how it relates to our mind and our relationship with fear.  Fear is a natural emotion that serves a purpose in protecting us from danger but fear can easily take over our lives. What are you afraid of? What do you do to keep your mind in check?

rocks in water

Tune in to your emotions, mind & spirit

Our mind has a tendency to be obsessed with fear. Cultivate heart connection to keep your mind in check and reduce stress:

  • Sit in stillness or meditation. 
  • Get moving by walking by the ocean or dancing up a storm.
  • Express your gratitude to the Weather Spirits for the rain.

Tune in to your home

Check for leaks and repair them. Leaks waste precious water and they also drain your life force energy and your money.

Tune in to your body

Eat warming bone broth soups or stews. Add some seaweed for extra minerals and connection with grandmother ocean.

May you be restored by this watery time of winter. 


Megan Montero is a feng shui consultant and healer with 15 years experience helping people transform their lives and relationships with feng shui.