The Joy Of Discovering Your Own Style April 18, 2018

table and chairs

Everyone has their own unique way of being in the world, a unique way of expressing themselves.

Some of us have a clearer flow with our expressions and some are still trying to figure it out.

Do you have a sense of your personal tastes and style?

In our society of “trends” it’s easy to default to what is popular at the expense of discovering our own tastes when it comes to decorating your home or what clothes you like to wear. I have never been one for trends and I’ve always had an eclectic style, so I’m the wrong person to ask if your looking for advice about what’s popular!

It can be helpful to have feedback about what looks good as a way to help you discover your own style, but what someone else says looks good may or may not actually feel good to you.

Others opinions about what looks good in your home also might not enhance your environment in a positive way.

When you emphasize trends in creating your living space, you may put the joy of discovering your own style on the back burner, leaving your home lacking heart, spirit and your unique imprint.

One of the things that I love the most about my feng shui practice is encouraging my clients to explore and discover their own taste when it comes to interior decoration and finding the choices that make their heart sing.

In feng shui there are very particular principles that we follow that guide us on how to keep the energy flowing for our highest good and well-being. But, the art is knowing how to apply these transformation-producing principles to each unique situation.

Every home is different and every person is different. There is no one-size-fits-all cookie cutter situation in feng shui. The beauty is finding the feng shui solution that will work with the client’s taste and sensibilities while bringing harmony to the living space.

Yes, sometimes in order to get the changes we are looking for in life we need to try new things and expand out of our comfort zone, but if a feng shui solution makes you cringe or feel blah, then it’s not the right thing for you.

Sometimes my work is simply to teach people how to discover what is beautiful and meaningful to them.

Try this exercise:

  • Go outside for a walk with the intention of clearing your mind and connecting with nature. Breath in the beauty of the sky, feel the wind and the sun on your skin and the earth below your feet.
  • Then go back home and enter your living space as if you are looking at it for the first time.
  • Approach each room with these questions in mind.
      1. Does this room make my heart sing?
      2. Do I like the interior design?
      3. How do my belongings make me feel?
      4. Which colors and textures am I drawn to? Repelled by?
      5. Does the placement of my furniture invite me to relax and enjoy myself?
      6. Is there anything that hasn’t been feeling quite right that I’ve been longing to change?

Feng shui rhymes with fun and play.

One of the many blessings that feng shui can bring to your life is an enjoyable and satisfying relationship with your home. I encourage you to have fun working with your home and discovering your personal tastes and style.

And if you would like a feng shui consultation to make your home sparkle with the unique essence of you, contact me, I’d love to work with you!


Megan Montero is a feng shui consultant and healer with 15 years experience helping people transform their lives and relationships. Contact Megan for a FREE 20-minute call to explore the changes you’d like to make in your home and life.