Megan Montero
Healer and Feng Shui Consultant


Transform Your Life with the Wisdom of Nature May 26, 2017

Life flows smoothly when we live in harmony with the wisdom of nature. This wisdom expresses itself in our body, mind, spirit, home and the living world of nature. We are part of nature and are designed to live by the cycles of the seasons and the weather. Somewhere along the way, our ancestors forgot that balance with Nature was the essential ingredient for promoting a happy, healthy, prosperous life. This has led us away from balance and harmony into disease and disconnection. Calling on the wisdom of nature for help is the way back to balance.

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A Vision of Spring March 10, 2017

I’m so happy it’s Spring that I feel like shouting! The birds are singing, the trees are blooming, and the days are getting longer. As the growth energy of spring kicks in, I can feel my creative juices flowing.  From the Chinese perspective of Chi, or life-force energy, spring is associated with the energy of ‘Wood’. Anger, shouting, boundaries, decisions, vision, planning, family, green, liver and growth are just a few of the things associated with Wood energy.


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Harmony with Winter's Water Wisdom January 28, 2017

Are you enjoying the cozy, inward, dreamtime energy of winter? It’s a good time of year to slow down and get more rest so you can recharge your batteries. In the Chinese Five Element system of chi, winter is the season associated with the energy of water. Where would we be without this precious life giving fluid that sustains us? 

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