Megan Montero
Feng Shui Consultant and Healer


Nature Lets go in fall October 20, 2019

autumn leavesWhat’s Nature doing right now? The trees are letting go of their leaves in preparation for the next cycle. The ‘letting go’ energy of fall lends itself well to the process of decluttering. This can be emotional, mental or physical clutter. Simply decluttering your physical clutter can clear mental and emotional clutter.

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5 Tips for Emotional Wellness August 08, 2019

butterfly and lilyA dear friend of mine recently asked me, “If you have any tips for fighting the mental and emotional battle that comes with long term health issues, I'm all ears. You are my inspiration in "keep going”.” It was great to hear that my journey has been an inspiration for her! Dealing with the mental and emotional ups and downs that come with long term health issues has definitely been a challenge for me and it still is at times. I had mysterious chronic health issues for many years. It’s ongoing work and something many of us have to work with! I turned my answer to her question into 5 Tips for Emotional Wellness, to share with you.

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How To Embrace Winter To Make The Most Out Of This Restorative Time December 18, 2018

Winter BeautyMy first winter in California I couldn't believe that red, purple and yellow flowers were in bloom. The trees still had their leaves. Succulents were growing everywhere, I don’t think I’d ever seen succulents before. I thought they were so cool with their many shapes and sizes.


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