Megan Montero
Healer and Feng Shui Consultant


It’s true, it’s true, Feng Shui works! March 05, 2020

HomeMy client and her family were just starting to feel settled in their new rental home when they asked me to come for a Feng Shui Consultation. Their new place was a stretch for them financially and they wanted to ensure that it would support them and their growing careers. Both my client and her husband are solopreneurs who work from home. Keeping the flow of new clients and projects coming in is crucial to their wellbeing and success. 

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Welcome the New Year and the Potential for Blessings January 01, 2020

Winter is a quiet time of dreaming. In this quiet place, what vision do you see for 2020? What support do you need to help you realize your dream? The new year always brings the potential for new possibilities and positive change, rooted in the seed of your winter dreaming. You can ground your intentions by adjusting the Feng Shui of your living and work space and move the energy flow in the direction of your dreams. You can literally ‘sow the seeds’ of your intentions and blessings in your home and on your property.Read More

Back to Feng Shui Basics with Simple Bedroom Decluttering Tips September 12, 2019

Bedroom Feng Shui Decluttering TipsWhy is your bedroom considered the most important room in the house according to Feng Shui? Because the places where you spend the most time affect you the most and you spend 1/3 of your life sleeping. While you’re busy sleeping everything about your bedroom is affecting you.

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