Start Your Year Clear by Decluttering December 29, 2017


Instead of making new year’s resolutions, I have been decluttering as a way of supporting my heart’s vision for the new year.

This dark, cold season naturally supports quiet time. I find I am instinctively drawn to declutter my space, put my things in order and update my systems as a way of catching up with the past year and preparing for the growth and changes I anticipate in the coming year.

Nature Declutters in Wintertime

Just as the trees let go of their leaves in preparation for the new growth of spring, decluttering helps us to be ready for the next cycle of growth.

Autumn and Winter are natural times of letting go and clearing out. As we adapt to the natural energies of each season, we find more flow and ease in our lives. And we are ready for new growth when it comes.

Good Endings Pave the Way for Good Beginnings

We are ending the old year and beginning the new. Decluttering and putting your home in order is a powerful way to facilitate good endings and usher in positive change in your life.

Decluttering your space can help you get clarity on your goals and vision for the new year. Decluttering clears your mind, so you can better hear your heart’s vision.

Decluttering also releases stuck energy, so you have the motivation and enthusiasm to make the changes you desire.

But What About All This New Stuff?

For many, the holidays are a time of giving and receiving. If you find your accumulating new things you may be asking yourself, “Where do I put them?”

This is another good reason for clearing your clutter at this time of year, to make room for the new things in your life, in addition to the new things to come. This could literally be your material belongings, but also experiences, relationships and opportunities.

Helping My Dad Declutter

Christmas is a big holiday in my family. This year I didn’t know what to get my Dad for Christmas. My Mom suggested I offer to help him declutter his closets. He was very happy with this gift!

We went through his clothes one category at a time. Sweaters, shirts, ties etc. This gave my Dad the opportunity to see which clothes he loved and actually used. In some cases, seeing the volume of each category was revealing. Although he has plenty of storage space for clothes, he had more clothes than he could manage, which made it challenging to choose what to wear.

Through this process, he realized he was wearing the same things over and over. He also discovered that there were other clothes he really liked but had forgotten about because they were buried. Seeing what he had, recognizing what he liked and didn’t like, made it easier for him to let go.

He let go of two big piles of clothes. Although in some cases it was challenging to let go, right away he felt liberated, lighter and excited about the benefits of decluttering. He was enthusiastic about the people who might benefit from the things he no longer needed.

All Life Is Connected

Nature teaches us that we are all connected. The more conscious we get about our belongings, the more available we will be to the present moment of life and the people and things we love.

Decluttering restores our energy and clears our minds, helping us to hear our heart song and pursue our dreams.

If you would like to learn more about how to mindfully declutter and feng shui your space, please join me in January for my next Find Joy Clearing Your Clutter: The Feng Shui of Decluttering Workshop on January 25th and my Feng Shui Fundamentals: Learn How to Bring Balance and Blessings to Your Home and Life with the Wisdom of the Bagua which begins on January 28th.