Feng Shui and Decluttering Go Hand in Hand: How One Client Opened the Flow to Health February 22, 2018

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In a feng shui consultation, one of the first things I look for is clutter. Clutter will block the energy flow in your home and inhibit positive energy flow in your life. It is often the main issue disrupting the harmony and well-being in my clients’ lives.

Feng shui adjustments and decluttering work together to promote a healthy flow of energy that will bring balance and blessings throughout your life.

What Is Clutter?

Clutter is anything that is unloved, unused and/or unorganized. Sometimes it is too many loved and useful things that just don’t fit in your space.

Clutter can look and feel different to each person in each unique space that we call home. Every situation requires a unique approach to create the home and the life that the client loves.

How a Block in Self-Knowledge Was Blocking Health

One of my feng shui clients benefitted in surprising ways from her decluttering.

A pile of chaotic clutter was completely blocking the self-knowledge area of her home. The “self-knowledge area” relates to learning, personal growth and development.

My client felt uneasy from the energy of the street, so she had put the pile of stuff there to create a barrier of protection under the windows. In addition, next to the windows was a dangerous-looking fireplace that was a concern because they had little ones, so they were trying to block the kids from getting to it.

The result was a big block of stuck energy.

After I pointed out that this area in their home was related to self-knowledge, personal growth and development, and that the clutter was creating a block in that area, my client was amazed. She shared with me how the clutter was affecting her life.

My client had a serious health condition that she needed to learn more about. The next step was to get a second opinion, but she kept putting it off. She had also been longing to try an alternative approach to treatment for her condition and had been wanting to begin a spiritual practice of self-discovery like meditation or yoga. She told me that she had been feeling blocked from following through. She felt the longing and desire to do these things but couldn’t quite move into action.

She was stuck.

Removing the Block Opens New Opportunities

I gave my client better alternatives that would protect them from the energy of the street and protect the kids from the fireplace.

In addition to making suggestions for feng shui adjustments for the house in general, my biggest recommendation was a thorough decluttering.

As a result, my client followed through with getting that second opinion only to discover that her condition was not as urgent or severe as she had feared. What a relief! She also began to seek alternative treatment.

The energy the family felt from decluttering their home was invigorating. They sent me photos of bags of their belongings ready to be taken away! It gave them energy to continue to make changes in their home, which will bring further blessings to their lives.


Megan Montero is a feng shui consultant and healer with over 15 years experience helping people transform their lives and relationships with feng shui. Call Megan for a free 15 minute phone consult to explore how to work together at 831-588-5424.