Clutter Clearing Inspiration from Aunt Patty October 06, 2016

I love to inspire people to clear their clutter and I just learned that my aunt was inspired to clear hers after a conversation we had this summer. It works both ways, hearing her experience inspired me and I thought the story might also inspire you!

This summer I had the pleasure of visiting my family in Connecticut for a two week vacation; relaxing on the beach, lots of time with my family, delicious meals and I got to meet my niece, baby Katie. She is an incredibly happy baby and she made everyone around her happy. 


While I was there I had a great conversation with my aunt Patty about clutter. She said, “tell me about decluttering.” She expressed the burdensome feeling of ‘to much’ and how things accumulate over the years. I was impressed with her insights into the affects of clutter and with her observations on why we hold onto clutter.  

Patty has a beautiful old home with a fabulous yard; she’s a Garden and Landscape designer. I spoke to her earlier this week and she told me that ever since our conversation she’s been decluttering up a storm, "people have been coming to the house carting things away." Now she’s onto her computer clutter, “I realized it was decluttering my mind, I don’t need my mind to be cluttered. It feels so good to know I can go to my closet and can easily decide what to wear, it was a burden to try to figure it out.”

Over and over again people have this same experience when they clear their clutter. The more cluttered our spaces get, the more cluttered our minds will be. The weight of a burden is lifted.

The Benefits of Clearing Your Clutter:

  • Save time & money-The average person spends one year of their life looking for something they misplaced!
  • Reduces stress
  • When done consciously it will transform your life bringing you more joy, energy and peace of mind


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