A Vision of Spring March 10, 2017


I’m so happy it’s Spring that I feel like shouting! The birds are singing, the trees are blooming, and the days are getting longer. As the growth energy of spring kicks in, I can feel my creative juices flowing.  From the Chinese perspective of Chi, or life-force energy, spring is associated with the energy of ‘Wood’. Anger, shouting, boundaries, decisions, vision, planning, family, green, liver and growth are just a few of the things associated with Wood energy.

The wisdom of winter feeds our growth in spring. All that deep inward restorative energy of inner reflection during the cold months opens the door to the next phase. The growth energy of spring supports us with the vision for our life. It also gives us the the energy we need to make a plan to carry out that vision. A vision is only as good as the plan needed to carry it out. Do you have a plan for this week? This year? How about the next five? 

Tune In to Your Spirit

Springtime is all about growth, and if we are not growing, we are not living.  The mantra, ‘change is the only constant in life’ is the cornerstone of feng shui. The bagua, known as ‘the ever changing constant’, is a map I use in my feng shui practice to read the energy of your space. This map can be used as a tool for personal growth and positive change. What is your vision for positive change? What are you doing to cultivate your self-knowledge and personal development?

cherry blossom

The point of life is to learn and grow. Learning and growing go hand in hand and every experience in life provides an opportunity to do just that. I need to be reminded of this just as much as the next person. It’s easy to be hard on ourselves when something doesn’t turn out how we wished it to, but what we term as ‘mistakes’ are just more opportunities to learn and grow, just like every other experience in life. Being hard on ourselves about something that didn’t go the way we planned eats up our life-force energy and actually stunts our growth. Instead, wouldn’t it feel better to ….

Tune In to Your Emotions

Lots of people are angry right now about the state of our world. If this is you, use that energy to take action. You can tap into this springtime energy for your vision of how to do that. That anger energy is powerful and can be used to create positive change. Holding in your anger is toxic for your health, but so is exploding at someone else.  The healthy alternative is finding appropriate ways to express your emotions. Plant Spirit Medicine healing is one powerful way to get your emotional flow moving again.

Tune In to Your Body

Get your body moving as a way to release your anger. Jump up and down while shouting, grunting or growling.  Go kickboxing or African dancing.  Go for a long walk and soak in the beauty and vitality of spring!

Tune In to Your Home

Spring is the perfect time of year for deep ‘spring’ cleaning, and that includes clearing your clutter. Take advantage of this fresh perspective to lighten the load of your belongings and free yourself of the burden of too much stuff, especially things that are not in alignment with the overall vision for you life.  Open up your house and let the fresh, vital energy of life bless your sanctuary. Cleaning and decluttering will brighten the energy in your home, simultaneously clearing your vision. Expand your vision by taking it up a notch and have your windows cleaned.  Enhance your work by cleaning your home with intention. While you’re dusting and vacuuming,  focus on your goals. By doing this, you’ll infuse your space with your dreams.

May the vision for your life be deepened by the growth and vitality of spring!


Megan Montero helps you tune in to your emotions and living space in Spring by providing a tune up for your home with feng shui enhancements, cures and clutter clearing and with a ‘Connection to Spring series’ of Plant Spirit Medicine treatments. Contact Megan to schedule your ‘Connection to Spring’ tune ups at 831-588-5424.