Your Bedroom is the Most Important Room! November 05, 2014


Did you know that while you are busy sleeping, your bedroom is having a big impact on your body, mind and spirit?

Sleep is meant to be a restorative time for your body and mind to relax deeply and to recharge your batteries. We spend a huge part of our life asleep in our beds, which means the Feng Shui of your bedroom is important. Some of the important features to consider are the position of your bed, what you keep in your bedroom and the bed itself.

The bed position that will ensure the best quality sleep and the most success in your life is when you have a commanding view of the door to the bedroom and a commanding view of the entire room from the bed.  This position will give you an assertive position in life and help you see your opportunities. When you cannot see the door, you will know on a subconscious level that an intruder would have the advantage and a part of you could be on guard all night long. You will sleep better and the room will feel and look better when your bed has this commanding view.


Keep your bed out of the pathway of the door

Doorways bring in the flow of energy to a room and it can negatively impact your vital energy to sleep in this direct flow. The best place for a bed is against a solid wall with no window behind it, positioned so that you can see the main door to the room with out being in the path of a door.  It is not always easy to follow all of these guidelines because most architects did not design bedrooms with Feng Shui in mind!

The strongest bed has a solid wood headboard securely attached to the bed frame.  I do not recommend a foot board because people usually end up bumping into them and find them annoying. Having your bed directly on the floor can contribute to feeling "stepped on” in life.  The strongest bed is up off the floor, with nothing underneath it, so that the chi can flow.  If you have drawers under the bed as part of the frame then keep neutral items there like sheets and blankets.


Don't neglect your bedroom

The bedroom is the most private room in the house and because of this sometimes people neglect it or overcrowd it with stuff.  If this is you, then take a few steps to improve the most important room in the house:

  • Clear out the clutter, and make space for the chi to flow. 
  • Take out stuff that has nothing to do with sleep, relaxation, intimacy and dressing, making your bedroom your sanctuary.
  • If you cannot move a workspace, use a screen or curtain to hide it at night. 
  • Create for yourself a nourishing place to retire to at the end of the day.
  • Sleep well!

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