The Feng Shui of Decluttering May 15, 2016

Do you bump into things as you move through your space? Does your space look serene until you open the closets?  Is your family growing but your house is not? Are your papers driving you crazy!?

Your home and belongings are alive with energy, and that energy affects you. Clutter and disorganization can have a profound effect on your; health, prosperity, success, relationships and creativity.  Your home is a mirror of your life. Clutter blocks the energy flow in your house, inhibiting positive energy flow in your life.

What are the Benefits of Clutter Clearing?

Clutter is anything that is unused, unloved and unorganized. The more cluttered your space gets, the more cluttered your mind will be.  Clearing the clutter in your home will; save you time and money, give you energy, eliminate feelings of overwhelm, reduce stress, bring positive changes, give you peace of mind and restore harmony to your home and life. One client received an unexpected but welcomed job offer after we decluttered and organized her clothes. Now she feels serene and grounded in her home which she says is an amazing transformation.

Who can Benefit from Clutter Clearing?  Everyone!

Our lives are always changing so clutter will naturally accumulate unless you declutter thoroughly on a regular basis.  You will benefit if your closets and drawers have gotten overstuffed from accumulating an excess over the years.  You will benefit if you can hardly walk in your space and have difficulty finding things. You will benefit if you are going through a transition of any kind.

Evaluate the Energy of Your Belongings

  1. Does this make me happy? Things that make you happy uplift your energy.  Things that don't lower your energy.  Remember you don’t have to own all the things that make you happy. Most living spaces don't have room.

  2. Is this useful and do I actually use it? There are many things we use to manage daily life.  If something is useful to you, that is a good reason to keep it.  Its function gives it a positive purpose in your life. If something is useful but you never use it, then why are you keeping it?

  3. Do I have room for this? Get realistic about the amount of space you have to balance your answers to the first two questions. If your space is still crowded after decluttering, your belongings will create a cluttered effect. A space can only hold so much before the energy gets stuck and stagnant.  Stay connected to the reality of your space.

Lightening your load to an amount where all your belongings either, make you happy, bring you comfort, serve a useful function, and fit properly in your space, will bring a burst of positive energy into your life. It will be easier to make decisions, stay organized, be successful, and live the life of your dreams.

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