Megan Montero
Healer and Feng Shui Consultant


Welcome the New Year and the Potential for Blessings January 01, 2020

Winter is a quiet time of dreaming. In this quiet place, what vision do you see for 2020? What support do you need to help you realize your dream? The new year always brings the potential for new possibilities and positive change, rooted in the seed of your winter dreaming. You can ground your intentions by adjusting the Feng Shui of your living and work space and move the energy flow in the direction of your dreams. You can literally ‘sow the seeds’ of your intentions and blessings in your home and on your property.Read More

Nature slows down in winter December 10, 2019

cardinal in winterNature slows down in winter and your health and well-being will benefit all year long if you do too. Each season has a distinct rhythm or energy. Aligning with the rhythm of the season supports your health and will begin to bring balance to your life. What is the rhythm of winter? Winter is slow, quiet, reflective and nourishing at the core.
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Nature Lets go in fall October 20, 2019

autumn leavesWhat’s Nature doing right now? The trees are letting go of their leaves in preparation for the next cycle. The ‘letting go’ energy of fall lends itself well to the process of decluttering. This can be emotional, mental or physical clutter. Simply decluttering your physical clutter can clear mental and emotional clutter.

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