Megan Montero
feng shui consultant and healer


Feng Shui is an ancient practice of working with

your surroundings to promote harmony, prosperity and good health. I can help you arrange your living or work space to create a strong foundation for success, positive change and a deeper connection in life. You’ll feel more comfortable and at ease in your space.

Welcome to Wind & Water Blessings

Would you like to feel harmony and balance restored and the flow of your life moving in a healthy way? Working with the wisdom of nature we tap into the natural flow of the universe to invite blessings to your life.

I have 15 years experience helping people transform their lives and relationships with Feng Shui and I'd love to work with you. Click here to learn more about me. I offer on-site Feng Shui consultations locally in the Santa Cruz, San Jose, San Francisco and Monterey areas, and travel to New York City and Connecticut a few times a year. I can also work with you anywhere in the world over Skype. 

Click this link to contact me today for a FREE 20-minute phone session to explore the changes you’d like to make in your home and life. I look forward to speaking with you.



“The Feng Shui recommendations that Megan has given us have brought about positive change in many aspects of my life.  For that I am truly grateful. I have known Megan for about a year and a half now. She is a very caring and intuitive healer and I feel blessed to have worked with her”. -Reija Bolwell

Megan from Wind & Water Blessings